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On Sunday July 8th we held our Annual Summer Craft and Vendor Fair. This year we held our event at the Spring Mills Walmart off Hammonds Mill. This years event was reported to be one of the largest yet in our fundraising history! There was reported to be 60 vendors in attendance, ranging in everything from hand made crafts to direct sales. There were even vendors in attendance with make and take crafts. We would like to take this time to thank the vendors and community for making this important fundraiser a huge success for our department. We hope you can join us at our Fall Craft and Vendor event at Spring Mills Walmart on September 16th, the event will kick off at 12 and run until 4 pm. Please visit our Bedington Fire Department Fundraising Page for more details on this event and other great events coming up this fall!

Did you miss us on the front page of The Journal? Here's a link to the story: Summer Craft and Vendor Fair

Please take the time to consider donating to one of our fellow firefighters Lieutenant Golliday of South Berkeley Fire Department, you can find there story below. The link to there Go Fund Me is:

Lieutenant Golliday's Medical Go Fund Me Link

Brian, one of our biggest assets and contributors to the operations of our South Berkeley Fire Company has had a rough couple of weeks.  Brian is currently in Berkeley Medical Center being treated for stage 3 Colon Cancer.  He has undergone a couple of surgeries to remove the cancer and the doctors feel confident they removed it all.  Brian was moved from the ICU into a regular room today and has made tremendous progress. Brian is a fighter and has a great family supporting him.  Tracy is amazingly strong and has been by his side all day everyday until the hospital kicks her out.

Now is the time to help out with a member of our community that has always given to us.  He will be out of work for a while and any funds we can raise will assist in them in paying bills and other expenses. Keep Brian and his family in your thoughts and prayers!


Brian has finally made it home from his extended stay at the hospital. He will still have more medical treatment moving forward. There is still a long road to recovery, so please help out if you can. I know the Golliday family appreciates the help. Continued prayers for them!

For more information please see our link above

Some Summer Time Safety Tips!